DreamSkin™ Pillowcase; Proven by Science...

DreamSkin Pillow Case, Proven By Science!
Preventing moisture loss is critical for skin rejuvenation. When you sleep using a cotton, satin or silk pillowcase the fabric absorbs the water that leaves your skin and is transferred into that fabric.  As a result the fabric will now adhere to the skin. As your face is plastered into the pillow the skin is stretched downward sagging the jowls by the action of the fabric. This weakens the dermal collagen.  Your head moves often while you sleep and the pillowcase forms creases due to the moist surface forming wrinkles in the fabric as it is pulled, pressed and rolled.  It is the fabric creases which result that form one part of the causative factors in the sleep line dynamics.  The second is the pressure of the head and third, water loss from the skin.

 Studies now PROVE that sleep wrinkles develop from our pillowcases, not our pillows.

The Best Moisturizer is a DreamSkin™ Hydrating, Beauty Pillowcase;
Your Face Loses Over 3 Gallons of Water
in 12 Months During Sleep.


Are you tired of trying to sleep on your back, uncomfortably odd-shaped pillows, messy tapes, expensive plastic surgery and painful injections? Finally, there is an easy, ultra-soft and comfortable solution to eliminating your sleep lines and reducing facial wrinkles.

The DreamSkin™ Hydrating, Beauty Pillowcase proprietary eco-fabric wicks the moisture to a cotton backing and eliminates the mechanical damage done to the skin from pressure and stretch. Also the perpendicular design of the fibers creates a force that actually stimulated the production of collagen. Simply by sleeping on the DreamSkin™ Hydrating, Beauty Pillowcase you can now totally eliminate the mechanical damage to the skin from the pressure and stretch caused by other types of pillowcases.

You’ll sleep much better too, knowing that you won’t wake up with sleep lines or sleep wrinkles anymore!

woman sleeping on dreamskin pillowcase

It's Not A Satin, Or A Silk Pillowcase

As we sleep, water leaves our skin and is absorbed by our pillowcase, then sticks to our skin creating a downward facial stretching action which weakens the dermal collagen.


Men's Skin Needs Love Too... Naturally, & Without Creams.

men look younger with dreamskin

LIKE A HIGH END COSMETIC MOISTURIZER. The unique 22,000 filaments per inch rejuvenating fabric FEELS super soft and helps to erase facial wrinkles while rebuilding collagen in your skin. Be cautious of made-in-China silk pillowcases that make skin care claims.

Do you wake up every morning with unattractive lines and sleep wrinkles etched into your face?

Sleep wrinkles can eventually turn into PERMANENT wrinkles. In comparison fabric studies, cotton, satin and silk pillowcases DRAINED MORE moisture from the skin. This leaves your skin dry, resulting in sleep lines and facial wrinkles.

dreamskin pillowcase reduces fine lines and wrinlkes on a ladies face


Groundbreaking studies published by Dr. Samuel J. Stegman in 1987 now prove that sleep lines and sleep wrinkles are a well recognized entity. His theories were confirmed in another medical document by dermatologist Dr. James Fulton. More recently additional important research was conducted by the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: A New Phenomenon: Sleep Lines.
Studies prove it is now apparent that sleep lines develop from the fabric of our pillowcase. As we sleep on a traditional cotton, satin or silk pillowcases water leaves our skin and is absorbed by the pillowcase, then sticks to our skin creating a stretching action which weakens the dermal collagen.

DreamSkin’s anti-wrinkle pillowcase acts like a NATURAL MOISTURIZER by inhibiting moisture loss from the skin. DreamSkin™ looks like a pillowcase, but works like a moisturizer for your skin and hair. But WITHOUT the use of creams, chemicals, dyes, copper or fragrances! Again, specific threads are hydrophobic. The fibers do the job to NATURALLY hydrate your skin. The moisturizing capabilities are permanent–they never wash out!

IT’S EASY! Just change your pillowcase!!

Moisture loss is the leading cause of facial wrinkles. Your skin loses almost TWICE as much moisture at night and night creams only last a few hours. As we age our HAIR also loses more moisture. DreamSkin’s advanced technology eco-fabric is the BEST solution because it holds moisture in your skin and hair all night long.


Clinical Study Results:

DreamSkin Clinical Study - Transepidermal

DreamSkin Pillowcase Comparison Charts

TEWL Results

Results of Overnight Stay

Final Report-Development of a Moisturizing Pillowcase






































Physician Testimonials:

After using the pillowcase for over a month now, I can say that I am getting great results.

-- Dr. Teri Dourmashkin

I have been sleeping on the DreamSkin pillowcase for several months and am pleased to report that the lines on my sun drenched face have diminished remarkably.
-- Dr. Michael Cushman