DreamSkin Hydrating Sleep Mask
DreamSkin™ Hydrating, Sleep Mask and 100% Mulberry Silk

DreamSkin™ Hydrating, Sleep Mask and 100% Mulberry Silk

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DreamSkin’s unique Sleep Mask is designed for both, sounder sleep and Reducing facial lines and wrinkles.
Made with JuveTex, a dry, comfortable moisture technology fabric, the sleep mask cradles your face and keeps the moisture “in” your skin ALL NIGHT LONG. Safe for sensitive skin, there are no creams, dyes, fragrances or chemicals in our proprietary eco fabric. The fibers do the job NATURALLY to hydrate your skin. The moisturizing capabilities will NEVER wash out.
The DreamSkin Beauty Sleep Mask is super soft, with 22,000 filaments per inch and ultra cushiony for your delicate facial skin. Wearing the mask nightly will reduce crow’s feet, sleep lines, forehead lines and lines around the eye area.
Sleep is when the body repairs itself. Make the most of this precious healing time to experience your ultimate Beauty Sleep. Only DreamSkin’s proprietary, exclusive fabric is physician formulated especially for skin care. DreamSkin’s luxury Beauty Sleep Mask blocks out light for a blissful slumber and a good night’s sleep. Fits all head sizes. The outer covering is blush pink 100% Mulberry Silk. The inside is the ultra-soft classic white DreamSkin fabric. The stretch elastic band is covered in matching 100% Mulberry pink silk. Your DreamSkin Sleep Mask arrives in an elegant organza gift bag.  Hand Washable.
JuveTex™ Fabric is Made in the USA
*Individual results may vary.